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How Dark is Toyota Factory Tint?

Toyota factory tint is generally 74-85% VLT (visible light transmission). This means it lets in 74-85% of the outside light. This is a relatively light tint, but it provides some privacy and sun protection.

It is important to note that the exact VLT of Toyota factory tint may vary depending on the model and year of the vehicle.

For example, some Toyota models come with a darker factory tint than others. Additionally, factory tint can fade over time, so the VLT of an older Toyota vehicle may be lighter than the VLT of a new vehicle.

If you are curious about the VLT of your Toyota’s factory tint, you can ask your Toyota dealership or a professional window tinting shop to measure it.

Here is a table of common window tint VLT percentages and their corresponding darkness:

100%No tint
85%Very light tint
75%Light tint
50%Medium tint
35%Dark tint
20%Very dark tint
5%Limousine tint

Please note that these are just general guidelines. The actual darkness of the tint will vary depending on the type of tint film used and the installation process.

Benefits of Toyota’s Factory Tint

Toyota isn’t just about aesthetics; the company places a premium on function and user benefit. Here are some key advantages of Toyota’s factory tint:

  • Protection Against UV Rays: Toyota’s tinted windows are adept at blocking harmful ultraviolet rays, protecting passengers and the car interior from potential sun damage.
  • Enhanced Privacy: A darker tint on rear windows ensures passengers have their desired privacy, especially in urban environments.
  • Temperature Control: The tint aids in reflecting sunlight, keeping the vehicle’s interior cooler during hot months and reducing reliance on air conditioning.
  • Safety: In the event of an accident, the tinted film can prevent shattered glass from spraying inside the vehicle, offering passengers an additional layer of safety.

Compliance with Regulations

Vehicle owners must understand that window tint regulations vary based on location.

Toyota’s commitment to adhering to regional regulations ensures that their factory tints comply with local laws, thus saving car owners potential fines or the need for re-tinting.

Choosing Toyota: A Blend of Style and Function

When you choose a Toyota, you’re not just opting for a vehicle; you’re investing in a brand that emphasizes user experience.

Their factory tints are a testament to this philosophy, striking the perfect balance between style, privacy, and protection.

Conclusively, Toyota’s factory tint offers an alluring blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast curious about the nitty-gritty of Toyota’s tint or a potential buyer, it’s clear that Toyota’s commitment to quality and user satisfaction shines through in every aspect, including their choice of factory tint.