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E-ZPass Vs I-Pass – Does I-Pass Work with E-ZPass?

The E-ZPass is a toll-collection system used widely across the Midwestern and Eastern areas of the United States. Within the network, there are 17 states, including Illinois.

However, many states within the network use an individual system that operates only on the specified area, such as the I-Pass, only available for Illinois.

However, even if it’s an individual system only available in Illinois, it is compatible with E-ZPass and other toll-collection systems, such as Riverlink, NC Quick Pass, and E-ZPass-Xtra.

It is incorrect to think you need a different tag whenever you travel to the previously mentioned toll-collection systems work.

You can travel to, for example, Maryland and still use your I-Pass since MD is part of the E-ZPass network, and both systems are compatible.

Since when does I-Pass work?

The system was implemented and is regulated by the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority or ISTHA. Since November of 1993, it has been used after the Interstate 355, also known as the Veterans Memorial Tollway, was launched.

Although it has its name, the system uses the same E-ZPass system. It can work perfectly at any location that uses the same system –or an individual system within the network, such as the already mentioned NC Quick Pass.

I-Pass is also compatible with Chicago’s toll-collection system, Chicago Skyway.

Is there any significant difference between I-Pass and E-ZPass?

Besides that, I-Pass is only used in Illinois. There are not any significant differences between that system and E-ZPass.

Although there can be some different rules, discounts, and plans (which are equally individual to each state), the violations and regulations applied are the same.

Similar to the E-ZPass, I-Pass allows you to register multiple vehicles under the same account if it’s necessary.

All the benefits of using the regular E-ZPass websites can be obtained on the I-Pass site, with the differences stated above.  

Besides what we have mentioned, both systems are practically identical as they are part of the same toll-collection network. 

Visitors don’t need to get I-Pass if they are already registered in the E-ZPass network and have your transponder. However, it will be necessary if you’re not from one of the states that belong to the network.

Where can I get started with I-Pass?

If you’re from Illinois and would like to register on the E-ZPass – I-Pass network, you should go to the I-Pass website and start the application process.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to fill out any long and complicated forms. However, you need to ender some personal, vehicle, and payment information to get started.

Upon creating your account, you will manage your funds, request information, devices, accessories (such as read-prevention bags), and more practical actions.

Toll-collection systems are convenient for everyone. Not only do they help you to travel faster, but they also improve the traffic within toll lanes significantly because you don’t have to stop to pay for the tolls every time you drive near a toll booth.