EZ Pass NY Customer Service number details

An EZ Pass is a convenient electronic toll collection method in areas throughout the State of New York. It is prevalent in other states as well due to its hassle-free operations for motorists all over America. 

Millions of motorists are already availing the numerous benefits of an EZ Pass for simpler toll payments. The main advantage is that there are fewer roadblocks and lesser waiting times in long toll booth lines. 

To ensure your EZ pass’s maximum utility, you can contact the EZ Pass NY customer service number. Customer services can help you locate all the areas where your EZ Pass will be accepted in the State of New York. 

EZ Pass NY Customer Service number


The sign-up procedure for an EZ Pass is simple and digitally accessible. You can apply for an EZ Pass online, locate your nearest EZ Pass retailer, or download the EZ pass application. If you have trouble with the application process, customer services will be happy to help.

EZ Pass NY Customer Service number

The numerous benefits of a ready-made EZ Pass include cost-effective traveling across the country. Since EZ Passes are accepted in 18 states, you save time, money, and effort no matter where you go.

This new payment system is also available along the 570-mile Thruway and other cash-free tolling stations. Those with EZ Passes can avail of a 5 percent discount on Thruway toll stations. Additionally, multiple discount plans for EZ passes exist for your particular requirements. 

In addition to Thruways and toll booths, EZ Passes are also a convenient payment system for parking payments. However, for these additional services, you need to sign-up for EZ Pass Plus. With EZ Pass Plus, you can quickly and efficiently pay for parking and other similar facilities with just a click.

To learn more about discounts and EZ Pass Plus, consult a customer service helper. They can give you a detailed breakdown of every discount plan option to find one that’s right for you. 

Using an EZ Pass is far from difficult. The toll booths with purple and white EZ Pass logos signs will accept your EZ Pass for payment. These signs will guide you on how to go ahead with the process. Keep in mind that every toll facility might have some difference in functioning. If you have any queries regarding toll booths’ operations, call on the EZ Pass customer service number for clarifications. 

In the state of New York, all open lanes accept EZ Pass payments. In non-stop lanes, you should locate the ‘EZ Pass Only’ sign before proceeding. Make sure that your EZ Pass tag is visible on your vehicle. As you pass through, the machine will read, and the adequate amount will be deducted.

In case your EZ Pass is not installed correctly, the machines will not be able to read it. This can lead to a fee of up to $25. 


You can contact the EZ Pass customer service for a variety of questions and issues. In case you lose your EZ Pass, go ahead and give the helpline a call. They will let you know the required steps to take in such a case. You can follow a similar procedure in case the pass is stolen and needs to be discontinued. 

Other issues may include faulty or late payments of your EZ Pass dues. In case you have been charged an inaccurate account, be sure to register the complaint with customer services. Furthermore, contact them in case you want to register other vehicles on your EZ Pass. 

The online portal is available for all issues; however, customer service is a quick way to get direct advice. In case you require assistance, the EZ Pass NY Customer service will be happy to help out.