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E-ZPass Office Hours of Operation

The E-ZPass is an electronic toll-collection system widely used in the USA. It was implemented more than thirty years ago, and thanks to it, traffic has been improved, and many people now don’t need to stop their cars to pay for the tolls in toll lanes. 

This system is highly convenient, especially if you always travel. Still, before acquiring your transponder, there may be questions or inquiries you would like to have solved.

One of the most prudent options for this is to visit the E-ZPass Office near your location. 

E-ZPass Office Hours of Operation

Each E-ZPass Office in the different states has different rules, requirements and may have different work hours.

For example, there are only two locations available in Virginia, and they work from 7 AM to 7 PM. On the other hand, the E-ZPass Customer Service Center in Rhode Island works from 8 AM to 6 PM and has only one location working. 

Please visit each state’s respective websites for the correct information if you want to learn more about each E-ZPass office’s work, please visit each state’s respective websites for the correct information. Find them below. 

Where can I get an E-ZPass?

It’s not complicated to get E-ZPass. Please choose the correct website, create an account, request delivery of your transponder (or get it from a store), and you are all set.

When you’re first registering, the website will ask you to provide personal, vehicle and payment information. Make sure you have all of these at hand!

Here you have the 17 websites where you can choose to get E-ZPass.

  1. Delaware E-ZPass website.
  2. In Florida, E-ZPass can only be used in some areas near Orlando. Get more info on this by reading this file.
  3. E-ZPass Website for Illinois, or “I-Pass”
  4. E-ZPass Website for IndianaE-ZPass Website for Kentucky, or Kentucky RiverLink
  5. E-ZPass Website for Maine
  6. E-ZPAss Website for Maryland
  7. E-ZPass Website for Massachusetts 
  8. E-ZPass Website for New Hampshire
  9. E-ZPass Website for New Jersey
  10. E-ZPass Website for New York
  11. E-ZPass Website for North Carolina, or NC Quick Pass
  12. E-ZPass Website for Ohio
  13. E-ZPass Website for Pennsylvania
  14. E-ZPass Website for Rhode Island
  15. E-ZPass Website for Virginia
  16. E-ZPass Website for West Virginia

Should I get an E-ZPass? 

If you frequently travel through areas with too many toll lanes and want to save money, E-ZPass is an excellent investment.

Not only will it save you a ton of money and time, but it will also make sure you arrive at all your destinations in time. 

Depending on the state, you have different E-ZPass plans available. Some discounts may apply, and in some states, you can get the transponder for free.

In any case, you still need to pay for the prepaid tolls to get your transponder working. 

After considering all of this, it will be easier to decide whether you need E-ZPass or not. After all, if you don’t travel through toll lanes often, then it’s not necessary.

Still, it’s a reality that traditional toll booths are disappearing, so people will be forced to start using these devices soon.