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E-ZPass vs E-ZPass Xtra – What’s the Difference?

Although there are multiple toll-collection systems in the USA, the E-ZPass is one of the most extensive networks. It interconnects 17 states and some areas, such as Washington DC and particular Orlando zones.

The E-ZPass launched over thirty years ago, and since then, it has been successful in the areas where its use is prominent. There are plans to expand the network to states like Florida.

The E-ZPass is a massive network, but it also has significant limitations. If you want to travel outside of the system, you may register and acquire tags in different methods.

For example, the E-Pass Xtra is a relatively new toll-collection system that connects 18 states. Although it is not part of the E-ZPass network, it is a great alternative.

What is E-Pass Xtra?

E-Pass Xtra is a toll-collection system launched in 2018. As we mentioned above, it currently works in 18 states, but it is not part of the E-ZPass network.

Seven toll agencies are working with the system, which means it is one of the best alternatives to E-ZPass.

This may be a good option if you are traveling outside the Midwestern and Eastern areas of the United States.

So, what are the differences?

Essentially, both systems work the same. They use RFID technology during the process and the same device. The technology used may not be compatible, but the science behind their functioning is identical.

Still, the main difference is that E-ZPass and E-Pass Xtra do not work in the same areas.

For example, E-Pass Xtra works in zones such as Florida (which is out-of-reach for the E-ZPass network), Georgia, and Delaware. In contrast, E-ZPass works in states like Maryland, Illinois, and Virginia.

You can learn more about where the E-Pass Xtra works on CFX’s official page.

Another key difference is that, in some states, E-ZPass costs you a lot of money due to you having to pay monthly fees and other charges.

However, with E-Pass, this is not applied. You can also trust that your transponder will have a strong battery that will last for about eight years.

It would be best to consider that some states provide E-ZPass transponders for free. On the other hand, E-Pass Xtra will cost you $18.50, and you must pay at least ten dollars in prepaid tolls. While getting your E-ZPass tags, the prepaid tolls can cost you up to $20.

Also, E-Pass works at the Orlando International Airport, and you can exchange it from car to car. You can even use it on your motorcycle if you have one.

Which one should I use, then?

It depends on your necessities and the states you need to visit. Someone who does not leave the areas where the E-ZPass network reaches won’t need to purchase the E-Pass Xtra.

However, if you need to travel to other states where the E-ZPass does not work, the E-Pass Xtra can become your new best friend.