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E-ZPass Jobs Application and Salary

The E-ZPass system is used in multiple states across the Midwestern and Eastern areas of the United States. Although thousands of drivers mainly use it, it wouldn’t work if it weren’t for the hundred works that give maintenance and keep the system working every day.

Over time, there are many jobs posted on different E-ZPass websites. One way to know whether a vacant is available is to visit the E-ZPass Group website, the leading site for the whole network.

Unfortunately, as of now, there are no job opportunities available. But, you can also look for E-ZPass Jobs on the Members website. Here is the list of all members which comes under E-ZPass authority

Also, please consider that due to COVID-19 concerns, there have been personnel shortenings. This was made due to health concerns.

The work hours have been reduced in many states to keep clients and workers safe.

E-ZPass Jobs Salary

The salaries are a bit above the average, compared to other jobs. Still, please note that, according to the information found on Glassdoor and other websites, the salary does not surpass the $16 per hour rate, and the lowest pay varies from $13 to $14. 

As for the work hours, it depends on the state and your position. For example, there are no job opportunities in NY due to the current coronavirus outbreak; however, the system is still working in Virginia.

People can attend the customer service center from 7 AM to 7 PM. This same fact applies to different countries across the 17 states where the network is used, and some of them work on Saturdays from 8 AM to 2 PM.

How do I know when a vacancy is available?

If you are interested in working at an E-ZPass entity, the best thing you can do is visit their websites and look for the available information they have on jobs.

If you are unsure which website is correct for you, please look at the list we put below.

  1. Delaware E-ZPass website.
  2. In Florida, E-ZPass only applies to particular areas in Orlando. If you want to learn more, you can do so by reading this file.
  3. E-ZPass Website for Illinois, or “I-Pass”
  4. E-ZPass Website for IndianaE-ZPass Website for Kentucky, or Kentucky RiverLink
  5. E-ZPass Website for Maine
  6. E-ZPAss Website for Maryland
  7. E-ZPass Website for Massachusetts 
  8. E-ZPass Website for New Hampshire
  9. E-ZPass Website for New Jersey
  10. E-ZPass Website for New York
  11. E-ZPass Website for North Carolina, or NC Quick Pass
  12. E-ZPass Website for Ohio
  13. E-ZPass Website for Pennsylvania
  14. E-ZPass Website for Rhode Island
  15. E-ZPass Website for Virginia
  16. E-ZPass Website for West Virginia

What kind of jobs can be available at an E-ZPass establishment? 

There are multiple job opportunities posted now and then. For example, one of the most common and demanded jobs is a customer service representative. They are in charge of attending to phone calls and taking care of people’s inquiries. Other jobs may include Toll booth operator or representative, for example.

Remember to keep an eye on the websites once in a while so that you can know when a new position is available.