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E-ZPass App – How does it work?

The E-ZPass is an electronic toll-collection system widely used in 17 states, specifically some of the USA’s Midwestern and Eastern areas.

Thanks to it, many drivers don’t have to stop every time they pass through a toll lane to pay for the tolls. 

The essential requirement to use the E-ZPass system is to have an account on the respective website. The site is different for each location, but each one fulfills the same functions.

They allow you to access your information, cancel your subscription, add funds, and modify anything you would like to. 

Still, in the past, the only way of accessing this information was by visiting the website. However, now there is a more straightforward way to do so, thanks to the E-ZPass App!

E-ZPass App - How does it work

What is the E-ZPass App?

First, please note this app is only available for motorists from Pennsylvania. It is currently unknown if there are plans for it to be expanded, but as of now, only those from PA can enjoy this excellent perk.

For PA drivers, it is now easier to manage their E-ZPass accounts. The PA Turnpike E-ZPass account was explicitly developed for drivers of this state.

Thanks to it, all clients can manage their accounts and access their information by using their phones. 

Some of the most significant features include:

  • You can use your device’s camera to effectuate payments or adding new vehicles to your account.
  • It’s possible to review all the recent activity in your account from all the vehicles registered in your account.
  • Do you need mounting strips or another transponder? You can quickly request it with the app without having to attend a Custom Care Center.
  • You can access, review, and modify all your information. This includes your address, your email, and even your phone number!
  • If there is a problem with your transponders, such as loss or robbery, you can quickly report it to the agency by using the app.
  • You can ask questions, and someone from the staff will make sure your inquiry is solved as soon as possible!

What else is available in the PA Turnpike E-ZPass App?

This is an excellent addition to the E-ZPass network.

Although we have to wait for a while until something similar is developed for the rest of the states within the E-ZPass network, for now, PA drivers can create an account by visiting the respective website for it.

If you are already registered in the app and have problems accessing your account, go to the same website and click on the “Login Problems” tab.

If you have more doubts and would like to have custom assistance, you can call the Custom Service Center at the following number, 1-877-736-6727.

Once you’ve reached, please select the first option so that you can talk with a customer service representative.  

Another app is available for New York, too; it has the same features we describe here. You can search for both apps in the respective Apps Stores for Android and iOS devices.