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E-ZPass Administrative Fee Waived Letter

The E-ZPass system is used widely across the Midwestern and Western areas of the United States.

There are 17 states connected within the network, making the system hugely convenient for those who travel long distances, mainly if their roads include toll lanes, bridges, or tunnels. 

What is E-ZPass administrative fee?

Even if the system has been widely used for over thirty years, people often commit mistakes. They accidentally pass through the lanes without a transponder.

Whenever this happens, you will receive a toll violation notice that requires you to pay an administrative fee (for the infraction) and the toll’s total cost.

Sometimes, people try to file a claim because they’ve been wrongfully convicted, but these cases rarely get solved. Some of them are not even taken seriously.

Look for information across the internet. You will find stories of people who received multiple letters and haven’t faced any consequences yet.

However, even if that’s what happened to them, your case may not end up the same.

First, you should know that there is a low probability of you receiving an “Administrative Fee Waived Letter” if you haven’t started a dispute with your violation.

After you’ve committed the offense, you will receive a toll violation notice in your mail two weeks after the event happened.

After that, you must think thoroughly about your next step. There are only two possible outcomes: will you pay for the toll or file a claim?

Paying for the toll may be expensive for those who have committed the same infraction more than once. At the same time, first-time offenders may get away with it and pay only the toll’s total cost instead. 

Still, whatever the case is, you must wait until you receive the toll violation notice before taking action.

You don’t have to pay an administrative fee if you did not commit any infractions. In cases like this, it would be best to collect all the proof you could surrounding your case, then contact your customer service center to file the dispute.

You don’t have to pay money, and you don’t owe because you did not commit an offense in the first place.

How much is an Administrative Fee?

The standard price for an E-ZPass Administrative Fee varies depending on the state. However, we can tell you the standard price for it is $50.

Still, getting multiple toll violation notices in the same year can be pretty expensive. Therefore, it is highly recommended to act on them once you receive them, instead of just letting them pass.

This way, you will avoid many headaches in the future and spending unnecessary money.

Still have doubts? Contact E-ZPass

It is unclear why many people receive toll violation notices and are asked to pay administrative fees even if they did not commit any offense.

If you think you’ve been wrongfully accused of an E-ZPass violation, please contact your area’s customer service center to start solving your case.