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Does Valvoline Sell Tires?

No, Valvoline does not sell tires. They are a quick-lube oil change company that offers various services, including oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, and more. However, they do not sell tires.

Their forte lies in automotive lubrication and maintenance services. However, it’s essential to note that while tires are not part of their primary product range, many Valvoline service centers often partner with local tire dealerships. This partnership means that when you take your vehicle to a Valvoline center, they might be able to recommend or direct you to a trusted local tire retailer for your needs.

I recommend going to a tire store if you want to buy tires. There are many tire stores to choose from, so you can compare prices and find the right tires for your car.

Why Opting for Quality Tires is Imperative

The importance of investing in quality tires cannot be overstated. Tires are the only point of contact your vehicle has with the road. Having the right set ensures optimal grip, handling, and safety. Even though Valvoline does not directly sell tires, understanding the connection between proper lubrication (which Valvoline excels in) and tire performance is essential.

Quality Lubricants Enhance Tire Longevity

While tires and lubricants might seem unrelated at first, they are interconnected in ensuring a vehicle’s optimal performance. By ensuring that your vehicle is well-maintained with quality lubricants, the engine runs efficiently, guaranteeing balanced weight distribution. This balance, in turn, ensures that tires wear evenly, prolonging their lifespan.

Choosing the Right Partner for Your Tires

Even if Valvoline doesn’t sell tires directly, its potential partnerships with tire dealerships underscore its commitment to holistic vehicle maintenance. It’s always wise to consult with professionals at Valvoline centers who can guide you to the best local tire retailers.


While Valvoline does not directly sell tires, their vast experience in the automotive maintenance world means they are well-equipped to guide vehicle owners on all facets of car care, including tire choices. Always remember, investing in quality maintenance services, like those offered by Valvoline, goes hand-in-hand with ensuring your tires – and by extension, your vehicle – have the longest life possible.