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Does Valvoline Check Transmission Fluid?

Yes, Valvoline service centers typically offer transmission fluid level and condition checks as part of their automotive maintenance services. The transmission fluid is a crucial component in a vehicle’s transmission system, and its proper level and condition are essential for the transmission to function correctly.

During a regular oil change or vehicle inspection, Valvoline technicians will often check the transmission fluid level and inspect its condition. If the fluid is low or shows signs of contamination or degradation, they may recommend a transmission fluid change or other necessary maintenance to ensure the transmission’s optimal performance and longevity.

If you have concerns about your transmission fluid or want it checked, you can schedule an appointment at your local Valvoline service center. Their trained technicians will be able to assess the transmission fluid and provide any necessary recommendations or services.

Understanding Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant, coolant, and hydraulic fluid for the transmission system. It ensures smooth gear shifting, reduces friction, and prevents excessive heat buildup. Over time, transmission fluid can degrade due to heat, contaminants, and normal wear and tear. Therefore, it is essential to monitor its condition regularly.

Importance of Regular Transmission Fluid Checks

Regular transmission fluid checks are vital for several reasons. First and foremost, it allows you to maintain the proper fluid level. Low fluid levels can lead to inefficient gear shifting, increased friction, and potential damage to the transmission system. Additionally, checking the fluid’s color, smell, and consistency helps identify potential issues such as contamination or fluid degradation.

How Valvoline Checks Transmission Fluid

Valvoline technicians use a systematic approach to check your vehicle’s transmission fluid. They locate the transmission dipstick, usually labeled and easily accessible under the hood. The dipstick is then pulled out, and the fluid level is examined. Technicians also inspect the fluid’s color, smell, and consistency to assess its overall condition. They can perform a more detailed analysis using specialized tools and equipment if necessary.

Benefits of Getting Transmission Fluid Checked at Valvoline

Having Valvoline check your transmission fluid offers several benefits. Firstly, their technicians are well-trained and experienced in automotive maintenance, ensuring a thorough and accurate assessment. They can detect any early signs of fluid degradation, contamination, or leaks that may require immediate attention. Regular checks at Valvoline also give you peace of mind knowing that your transmission system is in good hands.

Furthermore, Valvoline uses high-quality transmission fluids that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. If your vehicle needs a fluid replacement, Valvoline technicians will use the appropriate fluid type to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


Regularly checking your vehicle’s transmission fluid is essential for its overall health and performance. Valvoline offers professional services to inspect and maintain your transmission fluid, ensuring your vehicle operates smoothly and efficiently. By entrusting Valvoline with your transmission fluid checks, you can have confidence in their expertise and quality service.


Does Valvoline charge for transmission fluid checks?

No, Valvoline does not charge for transmission fluid checks. It is usually included as part of their maintenance services.

How often should I get my transmission fluid checked?

Having your transmission fluid checked during every oil change or at least once every 12 months is recommended.

Can I check my transmission fluid at home?

You can check your transmission fluid at home if you feel comfortable doing so. However, professional inspection at Valvoline ensures accuracy and expert analysis.

What happens if I neglect transmission fluid checks?

Neglecting transmission fluid checks can lead to issues such as poor gear shifting, increased friction, and potential damage to the transmission system.

Can Valvoline perform transmission fluid replacements if needed?

Valvoline offers transmission fluid replacement services if your vehicle requires a fluid change. They use high-quality fluids suitable for your specific vehicle’s requirements.