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Does Toyota Do Car Detailing?

Yes, Toyota does offer car detailing services. This service is known as Toyota Touch Cleaning and Detailing. There are three levels of service: Deluxe, Premium, and Ultimate.

  • Deluxe: This includes a meticulous hand washing and drying of the exterior, detailed interior cleaning, vacuuming seats, carpets and floor mats, cleaning the glass and instrument panel, deodorizing the passenger compartment, and a detailed interior and exterior inspection.
  • Premium: This level includes everything in Deluxe but adds a power wash of the wheels, inner fenders and undercarriage, a thorough vacuum of the trunk, a shampoo of the floor mats and a spot shampoo of any stains. It also includes a two-step paint restoration process, machine polishing, and Toyota paint finish sealant.
  • Ultimate: This level combines all that Deluxe and Premium have to offer and adds a shampoo of the engine compartment and lower body with degreasing. All your interiors will be cleaned with a shampoo of fabric seats, carpets, mats and door panels.

You can also pick and choose detailing services at participating Toyota dealers. These services are designed to enhance your vehicle’s appearance and protect it from harsh environmental conditions. Please check with your local dealership for more details.

How Much Does Toyota Charge For Detailing?

The cost of Toyota’s car detailing service can vary based on the level of service you choose and the specific model of your Toyota. Here are some general price ranges:

  • Depending on the size of your vehicle and specific services, a basic detail service will run from $50 to $150. Upgrading services can easily add up to $175 on top of that if you’re buying a package.
  • According to research from Yelp cost guides, an average (rudimentary) car detailing session costs $175. However, detailing can cost anywhere from $98 to $300+ per session, depending on the services you request (waxing, steam cleaning, polishing, etc.). The cost can also be influenced by vehicle size and location.

Please note that these are just estimates and the actual cost can vary. Getting quotes from multiple service providers for the most accurate pricing is always best.

Also, remember to check if the detailing service has a warranty against issues like color change or bubbling.

Why Choose Toyota for Car Detailing?

You might wonder why one should choose Toyota for detailing services when there are numerous specialized detailing centers available. The reasons are many:

  • Trained Experts: Toyota service centers employ trained technicians who are familiar with the intricacies of Toyota vehicles. This expertise ensures top-notch service tailored to your car.
  • Quality Products: Toyota uses high-quality products designed to offer the best results without causing harm to the vehicle.
  • Convenience: Getting your car detailed at Toyota means you can also avail other services, like routine maintenance checks, all under one roof.
  • Warranty Protection: Using Toyota’s services ensures that any treatment done on your car aligns with the company’s guidelines, thus protecting any existing warranties.


While not all Toyota dealerships may offer car detailing services, a significant number do provide this added benefit to ensure their customers’ cars remain in impeccable condition.

It’s always advisable to check with your local Toyota dealership or service center about their detailing services.

Choosing Toyota for your detailing needs ensures your car receives the care and expertise that only a leading automobile manufacturer can provide.

By availing these services, you’re not just getting a clean car – you’re investing in maintaining your Toyota vehicle’s beauty, performance, and longevity.