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Does Enterprise Deliver Cars?

Enterprise is one of the world’s most popular car rental companies, providing rental services in more than 100 countries. Their services are well-known for their affordability, reliability, and quality. However, if you cannot rent a car to visit an Enterprise branch, you might wonder whether they offer car delivery services.

How Does Enterprise Car Rental Work?

Enterprise car rental services allow customers to rent cars for short or long-term periods. Customers can visit any Enterprise branch to select a car, fill out the necessary paperwork, and make a payment. The customer can then drive the car off the lot and return it on the agreed-upon date.

What Is Enterprise Car Delivery?

Enterprise car delivery is an additional service provided by Enterprise, allowing customers to have their rental cars delivered to their preferred location. If you cannot visit an Enterprise branch to rent a car, you can have the car delivered to your location instead.

Can You Request Delivery When Renting a Car from Enterprise?

Yes, you can request car delivery when renting a car from Enterprise. When making your reservation, you can have your car delivered to your preferred location instead of picking it up from an Enterprise branch.

How Much Does Enterprise Car Delivery Cost?

The cost of Enterprise car delivery services varies depending on the distance between the Enterprise branch and the delivery location. Typically, the cost of delivery ranges from $50 to $200.

Where Is Enterprise Car Delivery Available?

Enterprise car delivery services are available in most cities where Enterprise has a branch. However, availability may vary depending on the location and season. It’s best to check with Enterprise customer service to confirm whether car delivery services are available in your area.

What Is the Process of Enterprise Car Delivery?

The process of Enterprise car delivery is straightforward. Once you have made your reservation and chosen the car delivery option, a representative from Enterprise will contact you to confirm the delivery details. On the day of delivery, the representative will bring the car to your preferred location, and you will need to sign the necessary paperwork. The representative will then give you the keys to the car and provide any additional information you may need.

How Can You Pay for Enterprise Car Delivery Services?

You can pay for Enterprise car delivery services using the same payment method you used to rent the car. If you are paying by credit card, the card will be charged for both the rental and delivery fees.

What Are the Benefits of Using Enterprise Car Delivery Services?

Using Enterprise car delivery services can offer several benefits to customers, including:

  • Convenience: You can deliver your rental car to your preferred location, saving time and effort.
  • Flexibility: You can choose the time and location of delivery to fit your schedule.
  • Contactless: Car delivery services provide a contactless rental experience, which can be especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Are the Limitations of Enterprise Car Delivery Services?

While Enterprise car delivery services offer several benefits, there are also some limitations to consider, such as:

  • Cost: Delivery fees can be costly, especially for long distances.
  • Availability: Delivery services may not be available in all locations, and availability may vary depending on the season and demand.
  • Limited vehicle selection: The vehicles available for delivery may be limited compared to those available at the Enterprise branch.

How Can You Contact Enterprise to Request Car Delivery Services?

To request Enterprise car delivery services, call the Enterprise branch nearest your location or contact Enterprise customer service. You can find contact information for Enterprise branches on their website or by calling their toll-free number.

How Can You Cancel Enterprise Car Delivery Services?

If you need to cancel your Enterprise car delivery services, you can do so by calling the Enterprise branch or customer service. However, cancellation policies may vary depending on the location and time of cancellation. Confirming the cancellation policy with Enterprise is best when making your reservation.


In conclusion, Enterprise offers car delivery services for customers who cannot visit an Enterprise branch to rent a car. The cost of delivery services varies depending on the distance, and availability may vary by location and season. However, Enterprise car delivery services can offer convenience, flexibility, and a contactless rental experience.