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Does Enterprise Charge By The Mile?

When it comes to car rental, many customers want to know the ins and outs of pricing before committing to a rental. One common question often arises is whether or not Enterprise charges by the mile. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of Enterprise Car Rental to explore how they handle mileage fees and what customers can expect.

Understanding Enterprise’s Pricing Structure

Before we dive into mileage fees, it’s important to understand how Enterprise Car Rental structures its pricing. Like many rental car companies, Enterprise primarily charges for rentals based on the time the vehicle is rented. This is known as a daily rental rate and is typically priced at a flat rate per day, with additional fees for insurance and any optional extras.

Additionally, Enterprise charges a base rate for mileage on top of the daily rental rate. This is known as a mileage fee and can vary depending on the rental location and vehicle type. Enterprise typically includes a certain number of free miles per day or per rental; any additional mileage beyond that is subject to a fee.

It’s worth noting that Enterprise also offers various discounts and promotions that can affect the pricing of a rental. These may include discounts for AAA members, military personnel, and other groups.

Do Enterprise Rentals Include Free Miles?

Yes, Enterprise does offer a certain number of free miles with each rental. The specific number of free miles can vary depending on the location and the type of vehicle being rented. For example, a compact car rental may include 200 free miles per day, while a luxury vehicle rental may include only 100 free miles per day.

It’s also worth noting that Enterprise may offer promotions that include additional free miles or even unlimited mileage for certain types of rentals. These promotions may be time-limited or only available at certain locations, so customers should check with their local Enterprise branch or online for details.

What Happens if I Exceed the Free Mileage Allowance?

If a customer exceeds the free mileage allowance included in their rental, they will be subject to a mileage fee. This fee can vary depending on the location and the type of vehicle being rented, but it typically ranges from $0.10 to $0.50 per mile.

It’s important to note that the mileage fee is charged in addition to the daily rental rate and any other fees, such as insurance or additional driver fees. This means that customers who exceed their free mileage allowance may pay significantly more for their rental than anticipated.

How Can I Avoid Paying Mileage Fees?

There are several ways that customers can avoid paying mileage fees when renting from Enterprise. One option is to select a rental that includes unlimited mileage. While these rentals may be slightly more expensive, they can be a good option for customers who plan to do a lot of driving during their rental period.

Another option is to choose a rental with a higher free mileage allowance. Customers who anticipate driving a lot may want to consider renting a vehicle with a higher free mileage allowance to avoid exceeding the limit and being charged extra.

Finally, customers can also look for promotions and discounts that include additional free miles. Enterprise may offer these promotions occasionally, which can be a great way to save money on a rental.


In conclusion, Enterprise Car Rental does charge by the mile, but the exact fee can vary depending on the location and type of vehicle being rented. Customers should be aware of their free mileage allowance and any potential mileage fees when renting from Enterprise to avoid unexpected charges. Customers can save money and enjoy their rental without worrying about extra fees by choosing a rental with unlimited mileage or a higher free mileage allowance.