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Does E-ZPass work in Florida?

The E-ZPass system does the USA’s biggest toll collecting system. There are 17 states within the network as of now, and part of Washington DC is also listed here.

It is not possible to use E-ZPass in Florida; therefore, it does not work in the state. However, there are plans of including the state within the E-ZPass network, and that’s happening soon

Still, like the rest of the states, Florida uses an individual version of the E-ZPass system. It is called the “SunPass.” If you’re traveling to the said state soon, we recommend for you to obtain the SunPass.

Driving through toll roads can be a nightmare, especially if you’re around the Orlando area. Imagine if you did that without the proper toll system implemented on your vehicle!


Where can you use E-ZPass?

As we mentioned above, there are 17 states within the network, plus part of Washington DC. Even if states like North Carolina have a different version of the E-ZPass, in this case, the NC Quick Pass, your device is still compatible. Therefore, you can use it on the multiple lanes, tunnels, and bridges across the states connected to the network.

Here you can find a list of all the states where E-ZPass works, with their respective websites.

What can you do on Florida’s toll roads?

There are too many toll roads in Florida. If you’re in Florida, you’re likely going to drive through one of them, so it’s better to make sure you have a correspondent toll system installed on your vehicle, especially if you’re going to stay there for a while.

Again, the toll-collecting system used in Florida is the SunPass. Still, toll booths in Florida accept cash, but we don’t always carry enough change to pay for it. Getting a SunPass is the quickest way of getting rid of this stressful issue. 

How does the SunPass work?

It is not complicated. It works like the E-ZPass works, but you have to pay for the transponder. Also, you must add funds to it, just like the E-ZPass’ prepaid system. There are two options; you can buy the standard transponder for $20, or you can acquire a “mini-sticker transponder” that’s worth $5.

You can create an account and complete your purchase at the official webpage for SunPass.

What kind of benefits do I get by getting a SunPass?

You will gain the same benefits you had with your E-ZPass, except this time, they will count for the whole Florida area too. Not only you won’t need cash, but also it will be unnecessary to stop and pay for the tolls every time you’re near a toll booth.

Please keep in mind that some parts of Miami do not accept cash anymore, which happens in multiple locations across the state. It’s better to avoid paying a higher amount by getting a SunPass; as soon as you learn, you will stay in Florida for a specific period.