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Does American Home Shield Cover Freon?

Yes, American Home Shield does cover the cost of refrigerant for air conditioning systems. According to their coverage details, they cover up to $10 per pound of refrigerant. However, their ShieldPlatinum plan offers unlimited coverage for AC refrigerant. Please note that these details are subject to the terms and conditions of your contract with American Home Shield. It’s always a good idea to review your specific contract or contact them directly for the most accurate information.

Understanding the Importance of Freon

Before we discuss its coverage, it’s vital to understand Freon’s role in our homes. Freon, a proprietary brand of refrigerant used primarily in air conditioning systems, ensures our living spaces remain cool and comfortable. A loss or leakage of Freon can lead to reduced efficiency, increased energy bills, and, in worst-case scenarios, complete system failure. Thus, knowing whether your home warranty covers it becomes imperative.

AHS Coverage on Freon

American Home Shield has multiple plans to cater to various homeowners’ needs. Generally, these plans include the Systems Plan, Appliance Plan, and Combo Plan, which is a combination of both. When it comes to Freon:

  1. Systems Plan: This plan, focusing primarily on essential home systems, generally covers the cost of adding or removing Freon. However, the specific amount covered might be capped annually. It’s essential to go through your contract’s fine print to know the exact limitations.
  2. Appliance Plan: As this plan predominantly focuses on household appliances, Freon coverage isn’t directly applicable. However, if you have an appliance that utilizes refrigerant, it’s wise to consult your warranty details.
  3. Combo Plan: Given that this plan is a comprehensive mix of both systems and appliances, the Freon coverage under this would be similar to that of the Systems Plan.

Potential Limitations and Exclusions

While AHS provides substantial coverage, it’s crucial to note that there could be limitations and exclusions. For instance:

  • The actual pound limit on the refrigerant may vary based on the contract.
  • There might be cases where the system is deemed too old or not maintained adequately, resulting in coverage refusal.
  • Some contracts may not cover the cost of Freon if it’s associated with undetectable leaks or other underlying issues.

When Should You Check for Freon Coverage?

While knowing the coverage details is essential, there are situations when you must be particularly alert:

  • New Home Purchase: When moving into a new home with an existing AHS warranty, ascertain the Freon coverage details.
  • Changing Systems: Review your warranty if you upgrade your air conditioning system. The newer systems might use a different refrigerant than Freon, and understanding its coverage becomes vital.
  • Renewing Contracts: Coverage details might evolve. When renewing your AHS warranty, ensure you’re updated on the Freon coverage nuances.

Steps to Claim Freon Coverage with AHS

If you suspect a Freon-related issue and believe it’s covered:

  1. Reach Out: Contact AHS customer service immediately.
  2. Detailed Review: A service technician will be assigned to assess the issue.
  3. Resolution: If the problem is determined to be covered, the technician will carry out the necessary repairs or replacements.


American Home Shield, in its endeavor to provide homeowners peace of mind, does offer coverage for Freon under specific plans. However, it’s paramount to understand the intricacies and potential limitations. Always review your warranty contract in detail, and when in doubt, reach out to AHS directly for clarifications.