Do Uber Pay Tolls in New York?

When random Uber customers are asked whether Uber drivers pay tolls in New York, some answer in the affirmative while others don’t even have an idea if Uber pays tolls or not. Uber registered vehicles are just like any other vehicle plying the New York’s motorways, so yes, they do pay tolls via their E-ZPass accounts.

The next obvious questions an Uber customer asks – how do tolls work? Who pays the tolls and when?

All you need to know about Uber and Toll Roads

Uber rides that pass through tolled routes, airport roads, bridges, and highway incur toll charges that are automatically added to your final bill at the end of the trip. The exact amount you will be charged is based on the standard electronic toll collection system of EZ Pass. The good thing about Uber rides is that you can view just how much mileage and cost you are accumulating in real-time, but in addition to that, you can also use an online fare calculator to work out your fare.

The above is the standard practice, but there are exceptions to the rule, though. We highlight them below.

  • If your trip starts in  New Jersey via the Verrazzano-Narrows bridge, a surcharge amount of $19 is added to your fare. Trips between New York and New Jersey attract a surcharge of $20.
  • For electronic tolls using the Electronic tolling system, your trip will be charged at the standard EZ Pass rate for every Uber trip that takes you through an EZ Plaza.
  • If you pay for the toll outside the Uber app, Uber will not be able to issue you a refund, which is why drivers are advised not to ask customers for cash to pay for tolls since it will be added to your fare.
  • If you ask the Uber driver to reroute your trip to avoid paying toll fees, you may incur an additional cost based on the distance and time taken. Before you make such a decision, consider the traffic situation in the new route and decide if the extra charge will be less than the toll fee you wish to avoid.
  • Trips to and from airports that pass through toll plazas attract a pickup or drop off fare with toll surcharges included.

What do I do if I don’t want the Uber to take a tolled route?

As an Uber customer, it is within your right to decide whether you want to take a tolled route or not. Tolled routes are encouraged if you do not have the luxury of time, and you wish to meet up for an appointment. If you are not in a hurry or you don’t wish to pay extra for tolls, simply tell the driver to avoid the highways and use back roads. Avoiding interstate highways is a sure way to avoid toll plazas.

The odds are that the Uber app will keep notifying the driver to take the highway, but your instructions as a customer need to be respected. If you are not very familiar with backroads in the exact location where you are located, apps like Waze come in handy. Download the app and launch it. Set the app to “No highways” to avoid highways. If your Uber driver does not have the Waze app, you will have to direct him regarding the routes to take and the ones to avoid. Doing so will save you the extra cost of paying for tolls.

How Uber drivers pay tolls?

How do you pay a toll? As is the standard practice, when an Uber car moves through a tolled bridge or tunnel, crossing or around New York airport, it does so with a mounted e-pass. This ensures that the vehicle can navigate plazas with ease and on time. And as you already know, time is of the essence for Uber customers.

For each tolled motorway the vehicle passes through, it is charged a surcharge or toll during the trip. And guess what? The toll adds up to the fare you pay at the end of the day. So you see, you indirectly pay the toll through your credit or debit card when making payment for the trip. The driver pays the toll amount using EZ Pass, so he or she adds the extra cost to your bill.

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How do I view how much I’m paying as a toll?

On the driver’s app, you can view the fare for every trip you take using an Uber car by viewing the Trip History Section. If you tap “Last Trip” then “See Daily Summary,” you should be able to view the fare charge. Uber also keeps an avenue open for dispute resolutions. If you feel that the driver did not pay the charged amount with his E-Z Pass, you can visit Uber’s website to register your complaint.

Must I Pay for tolls with cash?

No, you should never pay for tolls with cash. Any driver who demands cash for toll payments is already violating Uber’s policy. Every Uber driver operating in New York is expected to have an active EZ Pass account for toll payments. Your fare includes the toll charge, which as a customer, you are already paying for. Paying in cash means you are paying for the same thing twice, and this is wrong.

However, some Uber drivers who may have an EZ Pass demand cash payment. Such drivers will add the toll to the fare, so that is not a criminal offense, but if you are paying with your credit or debit card, paying additional cash is unacceptable. To be on a safe side, notify the Uber driver before the trip commences that you will not be issuing cash as payment for tolls. Clarifying your position will help you avoid disagreements at the end of the trip.