Do All Traffic Lights have Cameras in New York?

In the year 1988, the State of New York enacted a traffic law, which granted the authorities the power to demonstrate traffic control effectiveness and the setting up of photo violation monitors across the state. This policy led to the launch of the City’s Red Light Camera program in 1994, and ever since then, drivers who violate the traffic laws were made to pay penalties through their registered E-ZPass.

The Red Light Camera Policy has been extended seven times since 1988, and with the expiration of the latest extension in 2019, it will be extended again by the end of the year.

Common facts about New York Traffic Light Camera

Here are some common facts and reviews about New York State’s traffic camera notices and violations all motorists should know.

  • The owner of the car is responsible for any ticket issued even if he or she wasn’t the person driving it at the time the violation occurred
  • Traffic red light cameras tickets don’t attract points to your record
  • Once the traffic light turns red, a sensor activates the camera to pick out vehicles that violate crosswalk lines
  • Failure to stop will attract sanctions. You will be mailed a copy of your vehicle’ picture moving through the red light
  • You can review the evidence by logging onto the website printed on the violation notice
  • A DOT agent will issue a certificate certifying that the camera was functioning properly on the day that the violation occurred along with a vehicular confirmation to prove that your vehicle actually drove through a red light.
  • More than one camera violations at different locations can be issued on the same day and enforced.

Legal Consequences of breaking Traffic light rules

The State of New York highly enforces the traffic laws guiding adherence to traffic light signals. Drivers who are issued 5 traffic camera red light tickets or 15 camera speeding tickets within 12 months are required to take a safety course. Failure to do will lead to the loss of their vehicles. Mayor Bill de Blasio signed this new bill. Essentially, repeat offenders face the risk of forfeiting their vehicles to the State on account of breaking traffic light laws.

Red light camera offenses

The State interprets red light camera offenses differently compared to general traffic light rules. To begin with, police officers generally pull over offenders of traffic light signals, but the same is not the case with red-light cameras. Red-light cameras have become legal, and the rules enforceable. However, it is very difficult for the authorities to prove the identity of the driver. This is why, in the case of a red light violation, it is the vehicle that is charged and not the driver.

So, therefore, even if you are not the one who drove the car at the time of the violation, you still bear the financial responsibility for the fine and possible vehicle forfeiture in the event of repeated violations. Also, the penalties associated with red light camera violations are lesser than traffic light violations. If you receive a red light ticket in New York, you will be fined a sum of $50 with no point added to your driving ticket

Do all of New York’s Traffic Lights have Cameras?

As at the current count, New York State has a total of 12,460 traffic lights, but not all of them have cameras installed on them. The latest legislation is going to bring about an increase in active traffic cameras to 2000 by the start of next year. That leaves out more than 10,000 traffic lights without cameras.

These camera installations will take place at strategic locations such as airport routes, busy highways, and bridges and toll plazas. Motorists who run foul of the State’s laws will be adjudged to have committed an EZ Pass violation and will be sanctioned accordingly. If a camera spots a motorist moving at more than ten mph over the legal speed limit, the motorist will be liable to pay a fine of $50. The owner will receive the bill via mail at the registered address.

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Benefits of Traffic Cameras

As per the findings, since the introduction of these cameras, we have seen quite a lot of positive changes. Some of them are:

  1. Reduction in Red Light violations: There has been a sharp decrease in the number of Red Light Speed violations by over 75%.
  2. Reduction in Crashes: The number of car crashes has declined by 71%.
  3. Reduction in Rear-End crashes: Rear end vehicular crashes have declined by 41% over the last three years.

The 2000 cameras will be installed in 750 neighborhoods and within a radius of about a quarter-mile from schools to deter drivers from speeding over the limit at areas where school children commute regularly. If you plan to be a regular driver in New York, you need to pay close attention to its traffic laws and ensure that you strictly adhere to traffic regulations.

The Bottom Line

Driving in New York is an act guided by stringent rules that all motorists must adhere to. To ensure that drivers conform to the rules, various sanctions are put in place to enforce them. If you do not want to deal with a huge fine bill or extra driving courses, you need to know the rules and follow them strictly. The possibility of forfeiting your vehicle to the State is also something to avoid, so make sure the number of times you violate the rules is infrequent and far between. Safety and care at all times is advised. Finally, as a safety buffer, make sure that your EZ Pass is sufficiently credited so you can speedily make payments in case of EZ Pass violations.