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Can You Extend a Turo Rental? Yes, Here’s How!

Turo is a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform that connects car owners with renters. It is an excellent alternative to traditional car rental companies because it allows car renters to choose from a wider range of vehicles at competitive prices. However, what happens if you want to extend your Turo rental? Is it possible, and if so, what are the steps to follow? In this blog post, we will explore the answers to these questions.

Can You Extend a Turo Rental?

Yes, you can extend a Turo rental, but there are a few things you need to know before doing so. First, it’s essential to note that you can only extend your Turo rental if the owner of the car approves the extension. If the owner doesn’t approve the extension, you will need to return the car at the agreed-upon time.

Steps to Extend a Turo Rental

If you want to extend your Turo rental, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Request an Extension

The first step is to request an extension from the owner of the car. You can do this by visiting your Turo account and clicking the “Manage Trips” tab. Find the trip you want to extend and click the “Request Extension” button. You must enter the number of additional days you want to rent the car and the reason for the extension.

  1. Wait for the Owner’s Approval

Once you have requested an extension, you will need to wait for the owner of the car to approve it. The owner will receive a notification of your request and must approve or decline it. If the owner approves the extension, the additional charges will be added to your account.

  1. Pay for the Extension

If the owner approves your request for an extension, you must pay for the additional rental period. Turo will charge your account automatically, and you will receive a confirmation of the extension and the new rental period.

  1. Update Your Insurance

If your rental period is extended, you must update your insurance to cover the additional rental period. You can do this by visiting your Turo account and updating your insurance information. If you don’t update your insurance, you will not be covered for the extended rental period.

  1. Return the Car on Time

It’s important to remember that even if your rental period is extended, you must return the car on time. If you return the car late, you may be charged additional fees, and the owner of the car may choose not to rent it to you again.

Additional Tips for Extending a Turo Rental

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when extending a Turo rental:

  • Be sure to communicate with the car’s owner throughout the rental period. This will help you build a good relationship and increase the likelihood of the owner approving your extension request.
  • Plan your rental period carefully to avoid the need for an extension. If you need to extend your rental, booking for a longer period upfront is best.
  • Always update your insurance when extending a rental period. This will ensure that you are covered in case of an accident or damage to the vehicle.
  • If you are unsure how to extend a Turo rental, contact Turo customer service for assistance. They can guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.
  • Remember that the car’s availability may be limited, so requesting an extension as soon as possible is essential. If the car’s owner has already booked the vehicle for another renter, you may be unable to extend your rental period.
  • Finally, ensure you understand the fees of extending a Turo rental. Turo charges additional fees for late returns, so it’s essential to return the car on time to avoid these charges.

In summary, extending a Turo rental is possible, but it requires the car’s owner to approve the extension. To extend your rental, you must request an extension, wait for the owner’s approval, pay for the extension, update your insurance, and return the car on time.

It’s also important to communicate with the car’s owner throughout the rental period, plan your rental period carefully, and understand the fees associated with extending a Turo rental. By following these steps and tips, you can easily extend your Turo rental and enjoy your trip for longer.