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Can I Use My SunPass In Another Car?

SunPass is the most preferred prepaid toll program in Florida. Some of its users don’t fully grasp how SunPass works, so they wonder, “can I use my SunPass in another car/?” We’ll get to this question later. In 1999, the Department of Transportation established the SunPass program.

Currently, around 13 million motorists are using SunPass transponders to pay toll fees when they drive through toll booths at toll roads, express lanes, and bridges.

To use SunPass, the user must create an account, purchase either the Mini or Pro transponder, install it on their windshield, and activate it for toll payments. When the motorist drives past the toll booths, the transponder transmits wireless signals, which authorizes the booth to withdraw the toll fees from the prepaid account.

The introduction of the SunPass program by Florida’s Office of Toll Operations has made toll payments easier. Since its inception and the use of toll transponders, motorists don’t have to stop at the booth to pay tolls via cash.

They drive through, and their SunPass transponder does the work for them. Some motorists don’t fully understand the SunPass program and wonder if they can use it for another car. Let’s find out.

Can I Use My SunPass Account and Transponder for Another Car?

Yes, you can. Let’s tell you how. If you have more than one car or use a rental car, we recommend purchasing the SunPass Pro transponder if you’re not using it already. The reason is that you can use this transponder on multiple vehicles. To do that, you must add the vehicle’s plate number to your SunPass account. This will make the transponder active for that vehicle.

Using the SunPass Mini if you intend to switch the toll transponder between cars is wrong because once the SunPass Mini sticker is removed from the windshield, you’ll need to purchase a new one. Either that or you’ll have to buy a sticker for each car you own. This will cost you more than a single SunPass Pro transponder which you can transfer between cars at will. You can even use it on a motorcycle.

Can I Use My SunPass Account and Transponder for a Rental Car?

Again yes. You can use your SunPass transponder for a rental vehicle like another car. However, to make the transponder active for the rental vehicle, we advise that you add relevant details, such as the vehicle license plate information and the rental car, to your SunPass account, as well as the start and end date of the rental agreement.

Can You Use a SunPass Transponder on Two Cars?

Simultaneously? No, you can’t. The transponder can only be used for one car at a time. For instance, a couple has two cars and one SunPass transponder. They can’t drive on toll roads simultaneously, even if both cars are added to a SunPass account. One car has to be left behind. Either that or the car’s driver without the transponder will have to pay via cash or owe tolls. The best action is to get another transponder for the other car if they both drive out daily.


SunPass is the most preferred prepaid toll program in Florida because they offer the best toll rates compared to other prepaid toll programs in Florida and other American states where SunPass works. As we said earlier, the SunPass Mini is practically not an option if you own multiple vehicles because it has a one-time use.

Another limitation is that you can’t use it on motorcycles, while the Pro model can be switched between various vehicles. Also, ensure that you add the new car’s information and plate number to your SunPass account.