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Can I borrow an EZ-Pass?

It is generally not recommended to borrow an E-ZPass transponder from someone else. E-ZPass transponders are typically linked to a specific account, and using someone else’s transponder could result in tolls and violations being charged to the wrong account. In addition, borrowing someone else’s transponder could also potentially result in confusion or errors if the transponder is not properly registered to your vehicle or if it is not properly mounted on your vehicle’s windshield.

If you need to use an E-ZPass system and do not have your own transponder, you can typically purchase or rent a transponder from the toll agency or E-ZPass customer service center. Alternatively, you may be able to use a toll pass or toll tag from another toll agency if it is compatible with the E-ZPass system. It is important to properly register and activate any transponder or toll pass that you use, and to make sure that it is properly mounted on your vehicle’s windshield before using it to pay tolls.Try ag